An Italian Story

Our Family is always been working the land.

Since the previous generation it was the classic multi-purpose and self-sufficient small farm, with the land divided equally among vineyards, orchards fruit (peach and hazelnut), fields and meadows for feeding cattle and sheeps.

Since the 80’s the Langa participates in the process of modernization. Our hills undergo a profound metamorphosis that brings in the short span of time at a high level of wine specialization, so today we can admire landscapes full of vineyards, and Langa is the same now divided on the basis of the wine or vine prevalent: we have so the Langa of Barolo, Langa of Barbaresco, Langa of Moscato and so on.

We are lucky to be on a hinge that connects the Langa of the Barbaresco, Moscato one and the high Langa, where the vineyards are less frequent with increasing altitude, giving way to hazelnut trees, fields of wheat and sporadically in corn, meadows and woods still used for firewood, so the landscape gains enormously.

We are 4 brothers who cultivate the vineyards and we have started making wine from our grapes, with the intent to produce wines of out area, local products, with modern techniques (derived from modern knowledge) but with a constant eye to the tradition, to take the good that knowledge of our old handed down to us.

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